SISU: Opening Ceremony of a
Collection of the Chinese Calligraphy

Author: Chertam

On October 25, 2019, an open ceremony of the Collection of Chinese Calligraphy Works by Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) International students is held by SISU today. The ceremony was very warmly welcoming with smiles and greetings from International students of Calligraphy class, SISU committees, and Shanghai famous calligraphers.

(The Dean of International College of SISU Mrs. Zhang handed the Collection of Chinese Calligraphy Works by SISU International Students to Mr. Lee Yang)

(The Calligraphy from International Student)

(The Leaders from Shanghai International Studies of University, China Calligraphy Association)

Every turn I took and every single sight I had is a fully decorated wall with pieces of amazing calligraphy, and cheerful students that were willing to give you an explanation about their creation and their interests for calligraphy.

(The Calligraphy from International Student)

(Saida from Uzbekistan, the calligraphers of “礼”)

“Normally, if we like a language, we don’t have the feelings for the words or characters. We might for sentences because language is expressive in feelings and thoughts,” said by Muhammad Umar Zahid, a third-year student from calligraphy class of SISU.

(Muhammad Umar Zahid (叶墨) from Parkistan, calligraphers of “爱”)

“But when it comes to calligraphy, you need to have feelings and interests for a particular word.” Muhammad explained that his interest was raised by the fact that in painting one character, it has taken him a long period of time to understand and practice in order to be able to paint it beautifully correct. He also added that when he didn’t understand the character’s meaning and had no feeling for the character, he was unable to write it out for weeks.

Although I had very little knowledge about Calligraphy and barely able to understand the meaning of each character, I could feel the feelings and interests that were put onto their work. The weight of the brush and the choice of characters on their works, and the way they were talking about their work have allowed me to enjoy, appreciate, and get a little insight to the art of calligraphy.

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