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Sharee Mee携手联合国WOSL组织共同支持可持续发展

(English)Written by Jidapa Chang-in, Maria Adelia
(Chinese)Written by Xingru Guo
Edited by Emily Wang

SHANGHAI, November 30, 2019 – World Organization for Sustainability Leadership (WOSL) today announced their plan for UN Junior Ambassador Program of the year 2020, shared their accomplishments on the UN Junior Ambassadors for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) program within the past three years through lens of Junior Ambassadors and their parents, and also shared their visions on UN's 2030 sustainable development goals (SDG). The Sustainable Development goals (as known as SDG), look to achieve a better future through actions that will beneficiate not just the society but the planet, the 17 SDGs not just bring discussion about gender equality and no poverty, as well brings discussion about responsible consumption and sustainable cities and communities.

For 2020, WOSL hopes to inspire and recruit more young people to become a part of promoting sustainability around the world in order to achieve the UN's 2030 sustainable development goals. These junior ambassadors will be able to learn the most advanced scientific theories with world’s top institutions, further they will also be able to grow and sharpen their skills through firsthand experiences in the rural and developing world. Since 2017, young students from China has successfully done their scientific research and practice by going to Ethiopia in Africa and Ecuador in South America.

"Our actions speak much louder than our stories," said Paul Bogaardt, Executive Director of WOSL, as a parent of one of the junior ambassadors shared her son's experience with the program. "Each child has a different kind of need in terms of coaching. We need to understand the world through another person’s lens. You need to be able to put yourself out of yourself and into someone else's shoes." WOSL believes that education cannot be solely held within classrooms. The best education process is to think and discuss about it with others.

Therefore, it is important for everyone’s ideas and education experiences to be shared globally. A discussion cannot be merely through the lens of students themselves or their parents, but also educators and professionals of all fields. Thus, ShareMee(学秘), an online community for sharing authentic educational experiences, partners with WOSL as a channel for students, Junior Ambassadors, parents, and professionals to discuss their experiences and share their visions on achieving sustainability development goals to the world. ShareMee is also designated as the official partner of WOSL.

International Education expansion has been rapidly growing for the last 15 years. Barriers of information access have simultaneously been decreased. With ShareMee, everyone holds an opportunity to learn and cultivate the sustainability plans to their life, and to continuously inspire young people and also one another to help achieving UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals. Stay tuned in Share Mee to see the stories of these young ambassadors and other students sharing their experiences.

11月30日,World Organization for Sustainability Leadership(WOSL)在上海世贸大厦展开2020年联合国青少年外交官培养计划的启动仪式。WOSL(世界可持续发展领导力组织)是联合国唯一认可的可持续发展青少年外交官全球合作推广组织。经过三年时间的沉淀,WOSL将从过去“一期一会”形式过渡成为主题贯彻一致的“一年一度”培养计划。这一次的启动仪式也标志着2020年培养计划开始正式招生,WOSL将于各个伙伴重新整合,以达到新的高坡。

“2030年,一个地球,17项目标”作为行动纲领,沉淀、整合、拓展后的WOSL将继续致力于引导训练青少年成为未来推动联合国可持续发展项目的领导者。秉持着素质教育的信念,WOSL首席执行官Paul Bogaardt和执行董事长Lynne Chang相信教育不应该是单一的背诵朗读,而应该走出教室、走向世界。Paul Bogaardt悉心发表自身理念以及具体数据,通过理性的数字图表、感性的情怀愿景,分析且分享WOSL以及“一个地球,17项目标”存在的原因和意义。

此外,启动大会还邀请各方代表,国内外各学校的教育专家以及埃塞俄比亚驻沪总领馆总领事Workalemahu Desta ESHETE等“大拿”。受邀参与此项发布会的学秘ShareMee创始人杨黎明先生同时表示,学秘ShareMee作为一个真实国际教育内容的分享社群与平台,也作为WOSL官方指定合作伙伴,学秘将成为学生、青年大使、教授以及家长分享他们的所看所感、经验与感悟,传播实现可持续发展的理念与17向目标的新媒体平台。学秘将支持WOSL,通过“一想、一说、一做”,训练青年思维能力、领导能力。

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