“ShareMee Gave SISU Students an Exposure
to Chinese Culture”

Written by Jidapa Chang-in

SHANGHAI, December 11, 2019 – ShareMee has contributed to giving international students from Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) an in-depth exposure to culture heritage of China today; from drinking tea culture to Chinese cuisines, which Mr. Lee, a professor of Chinese Culture course has created and arranged an afternoon full of various activities that would be easy to indulge into Chinese cultures for international students.

An afternoon with a soft sunlight and a light breeze, students from Chinese Culture course and graduate students from Master of China Studies started their journey of exploring Chinese culture by a quick interactive lecture from Mr. Lee. As it is certainly would be complicated for a student to go through and make a comprehensive understanding on a new different culture on their own without a basic knowledge. Mr. Lee calmly guided and introduced the students to Chinese cuisine and drinking tea culture; the different types of Chinese food, food ingredients, the art of cooking and table settings, different types of tea, and the tea ceremony.

After the lecture, Mr. Lee sophisticatedly showed students how the tea is correctly made in the tea ceremony. And then he allowed the students to comprehend Chinese culture on their own, nevertheless, they have to do it with an assignment. The students were separated into small groups. Each group has to finish the assignment within a given period of time, and those who finish the assignment first would be considered as the winner of today’s activity.

Each group of students was escorted by a ShareMee staff to each activity’s spot. In total, there were two spots of activities; one is a cafeteria; another is a tea house. At the cafeteria, each group was assigned to a specific Chinese restaurant, which in accordance to the assignment, students had to firstly find where their assigned restaurant is and then order a dish that they find intriguing. And then they had to try the food and jot down what are the ingredients, what is the cooking method, which part of China was this specific dish originated from…etc.

After the food exploration, the students were then escorted through a small winter breeze to a nearby tea house. Each group was welcomed with a set of various types of tea and a small plate of snacks. The students had to try each type and then write down what they think were the types of tea that they had.

With no surprise, both of the cafeteria and the house tea were full of smiles and delighted laughs shared by the students as they were guessing and fill out the assignment. These two activities haven’t merely given these international students an exposure to the Chinese culture but also have given them an opportunity to share their moments to people around them and also from afar.

ShareMee is delighted for being able to become a part of giving these international students an exposure to Chinese culture, and to see that they had shared some of their moments from the activity today to the rest of the world. Stay tune and check out their moments on ShareMee.

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