“International Students in SISU
   Discovering Ancient China”

Written by Jidapa Chang-in

Fresh greens had eventually peeled away, and orange rays of sunlight might never come by as often as it could in the summer. December has begun, and the year of 2019 is coming to an end. Today, at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) on December 18th, marks the final class of a course that provides an exposure of Chinese history and traditional culture to international students called ‘Discover Ancient China’.

This course allows the students that came from different cultural backgrounds to comprehensively make an understanding of Chinese history through various different aspects; philosophy, mythology, festivals, ancient arts, literature, architecture, cuisine, tea, and traditional medicine, etc. With Mr. Lee Yang, an instructor of Discover Ancient China, the students were able to profoundly grasp an understanding of Chinese cultures and history that’s were not solely given through written texts, but instead through an interactive atmosphere.

“The course really met my expectation. It was very active in terms of discussions, and very broad. It talks about everything on Chinese culture,” explained by Gian Marco Gioffrè, a law student from Italy as he was waiting to be called for presenting his final essay to Mr. Lee. The final essay allows the students to understand Chinese culture and history by digging deeper into their specific interest in China. “I did about philosophy on my final essay and it helps me to see the culture on comparative point of view; comparing western cultures to Chinese culture. This course helps me a lot to understand the reality,” He added.

Shiyi Lin, the Teaching Assistant of the course, said “The course is really fascinating. It is helpful for international students to have a clear picture of ancient China and its history.” She also mentioned, “Mr. Lee utilized different modern way of teaching to make the knowledge more easy to understand, for example, we could learn the culture by watching relevant video, take on-site survey to experience China tea culture.”

Therefore, with content discussions, knowledge and ideas sharing, and experiences sharing like in Mr. Lee’s course, anyone can hold a chance to grasp on a general idea of one different culture. And certainly not having to be solely within Discover Ancient China course, but also on ShareMee, an international space where parents and international students from across the world come to share their views and experiences, and learn about others.

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